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At South London Training, learning is about much more than simply imparting knowledge. Therefore we use modern teaching and assessment methods to suit the individual learning needs of our students and to build teamwork and a sense of social responsibility. Our partnerships with various awarding bodies means we are well-equipped, enabling us to deliver the very best training using different learning styles. We believe that it's vital to provide individual support for every student, and it is our mission to do so at all times.

Our philosophy

  • We encourage our learners to develop their social skills and give them room for personal development
  • We encourage our learners to strive towards meaningful goals and support them as they solve the problems they encounter so that they gain increased levels of autonomy
  • Our philosophy is applied to all levels of our teaching plan. Learners are encouraged to get involved in designing the way that they are taught.
  • In short, we encourage our Learners to develop their own personality and to discover their own individual paths towards their qualification.

South London Training's strengths lie in:

  • Encouraging independent learning by using a variety of teaching methods
  • Creating a supportive environment
  • Nurturing constructive relationships between ourselves, the learner and the employer
  • Stuctured learning through on-site visits with our trainers/assessors
  • Flexibility in training delivery and liaising to meet clients needs

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